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The Sun is here,

All the earth is bright.

The Sun is here,

The people walk while the place is light,

The earth is light.

(!kabbo of the San People)


It's our summer issue, and we sincerely hope that by the time you receive this magazine, the sun will be shining. But if the sky is looking a little grey, why not open up your magazine and let a little light into your life? 


In this issue we include three stories all about the glory and power of the sun. Discover why sunflowers follow the sun, find out what's eating the sun during a solar eclipse and marvel at the sun shining out of an ancient armpit. 


As well as enjoying the warm glow you'll get from our stories, by the time you have finished reading this magazine, we hope you'll know:

  • How to create a suncatcher 
  • What exactly happens during a solar eclipse
  • How to make a sun dial
  • What to do to survive the sun 
  • How to draw a dragon

... And much more! 


Annual Subscription (Four copies, starting with Issue 10 - Sun)