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In the winter, it seems like the world is in a state of deep sleep. Trees are bare, many birds have migrated, some animals have gone into hibernation and most plants have died away. But under the earth, all is still busy, preparing for the spring to come, when seeds can unfold their roots and begin to grow again.

In this issue you will find three stories all connected to the life of the underground, a life that happens under our feet and out of sight, but one that is so important for all living creatures. 

As well as opening up a whole new world of underground activity, we hope that by the time you finish reading this magazine you will also know how to: 

- Make a toilet roll mole

- Create a wormery - including one you can eat!

- Identify burrowing animals

- Dig for treasure

- Charm worms 

... And much more!


THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM! This issue will be released from 1st December 2022. If you add this item to a combined order, you will receive all items after the release date of 1st December 2022. Please make two separate orders if you wish to receive current items in our catalogue immediately. 

Issue 12: Under Ground

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