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'Oh the summertime is coming, and the trees are sweetly blooming, where the wild mountain thyme, grows among the purple heather. Will ye go, lassie, go?' 


In our summer issue we introduce you to a special landscape that is very close to our hearts: moor and heath. The moorland is a place of opposites: it is wild and tamed, thriving and barren, welcoming and dangerous. And this makes the perfect breeding ground for some of our most beguiling folk tales. 


In this issue we include three stories all about the flora, fauna and folk of the moors:

The giants, Wade and Bell of the North York Moors, who shaped the land they lived upon, the 'piskies' of Dartmoor, who can be friend or foe to a moorland famer and the witches and willo-the-wisps of the Scottish heath, who can lure travellers into danger. 


As well as discovering these wonderful traditional stories, we hope that by the time you have read this magazine, you will know how to:


- Draw a hare

- Build a drystone wall 

- Identify and harvest seed from grasses 

- Say the word for 'rabbit' in other languages 

- Make a moorland dwelling


... And much more!



PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order item. This issue will be released from 1st June. If you add this pre-order item to a combined order, the whole order will be despatched on 1st June. If you wish for your other items to be desptached immediately, please make two separate orders. 

Issue 14: Moor and Heath