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Warning: handle this issue carefully or you might get pricked! Inside you will find three traditional tales with some spiky characters, thorny subjects and storylines that will wind their way like brambles into your head and your heart. The stories in this issue are: 


Briar Rose


Hans My Hedgehog 


The Raven and the Blackberries 


And by the time you’ve trodden carefully through the thicket of pages, we think you’ll know how to..


... Make a hedgehog, at least three different ways

... Create a shadow puppet theatre

... Make ink from blackberries 

... Draw a raven

... Identify a briar rose ... and much more!


PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order item. The magazine will be released from 1st September onwards. If you add this item to a combined order, your whole shipment will be posted from 1st September onwards. If you wish for some items to be dispatched immediately, please order separately. 

Issue 7 - Briars and Quills

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