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'Croak, croak!' says the Frog, as he leaps out from the bog; 

'Spring is near, I do declare,  For the earth is warm and fair.'


Shoots are springing up out of the earth, birds are hopping from branch to nest, and frogs are jumping about in ponds. It can only mean one thing: Spring is here! In this issue find out what to do if a frog tries to sleep in your bed, how to find your reflection in a pond, and why a toad might rather fly than swim.


As well as getting to know some fairly froggy and soggy fairy stories, we hope that by the time you’ve read our magazine you will know how to:


Make a mini pond     

Crystallise flowers 

Create toad skin

Draw a willow warbler

Make a beanbag toad 

Play leap frog 

And much more!


PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order item and will be released from the beginning of March. If you add this item to a combined order, we will ship all items from the beginning of March. If you would like to have other items dispatched immediately, please make two separate orders. 

Issue 9 - Pond Life

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