A Year and a Day is a seasonal magazine that aims to guide children into the inner world of traditional stories and out into the natural world around them.

That's why at A Year and a Day

we think a story is the perfect place to begin a journey of discovering, learning and developing.

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A story is a living thing that no two people will hear or imagine in the same way. 

At A Year and a Day we know that children learn in many different ways and at different paces



A Year and Day encourages both children and adults to use their natural capacity for imagination, creativity and invention through storytelling, painting, number work, drawing, crafting and writing. 



We believe that true learning happens over time...

A Year and a Day uses a unique three-day approach to each story:

Read the story or ask someone to read it to you

Do one or more of the Day 1 activities that go with the story. Then go to sleep at night. That’s all! It’s that simple. We don’t include lots of pictures with our stories – this allows you to use your imagination. Imagination helps the story grow.  


Day 1

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Day 2

Remember the story

Choose one or more of the activities that help you to remember the story. Because the story will have had time to grow inside you, you will discover that you remember it well and can do all sorts of hands on and artistic things in response to the story. 

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Get to work!

Now your story has had time to become alive through the things you have been doing, you can get really yourself thinking and start to create something new. 

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Day 3

And in between each story, there's a treasure trove of informative pages, creative activities, seasonal recipes and posters to cut out and keep